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Experience You Can Trust Sign Language Live the Better Business Partner

Sign Language Live is the partner of choice for American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting for any organization. With Video Remote Interpreting through ZOOM, Sign Language Live has the solutions for communication success at your fingertips.

We provide American Sign Language interpreting services nationally for various needs including but not limited to:

Medical, government, legal, educational, business, conventions, conferences, entertainment, weddings, tours, television production, commercials, YouTube videos, public service announcements, political, religious settings, and much more.

No need to look for someone who might be available anymore our calendar is online 24 hours a day 365 days a year so book services that fit your needs and get an immediate confirmation now in seconds.

Corporate Services

Corporate Services

Video Interpreting

  • Group Projects
  • Interviews
  • Performance Review
  • Team meetings
  • Training sessions
Government Services

Government Services

Video Interpreting

  • Reviews
  • Client Discussions
  • Emergency Urgent Meetings
  • Group Settings
  • Private Consultations
  • Events, Conferences, Interviews

Medical Services

Video Interpreting

  • Emergency Services (ER)
  • Last-Minute Substitute Interpreter
  • Forgot to schedule the interpreter
  • Scheduled check-up visits
  • Emergency room (ER)
  • Medical Consultations
  • Surgery and postoperative care
    - Specialized medical interpreters providing services while following strict HIPAA guidelines
    - (ASL) accurate medical terminology, privacy, security, professionalism.

Educational Services

Video Interpreting

  • Tutoring
  • Counseling, Educational Planning
  • Last-minute substitute needed
  • In class room interpreting
  • Guidance, assessment, coaching

Team Interpreting

Understanding why it's needed when interpreting for longer than one hour in duration is requested.


Hello, I will be your sign language interpreter today. Your caller said, "Hello, I'm here now.”


Sign Language Live is your bridge over the communication gap.